Campaign Finance + Oklahoma Ethics Law

Candidates and campaigns for elected office, political action committees, and other politically engaged entities need comprehensive compliance safeguards and risk management solutions to protect your reputation when engaging in the highly scrutinized world of campaign and election advocacy. The Law Office of Geoffrey D. Long offers full service legal solutions that take the guesswork out of campaigns and political advocacy. 

Some of the valuable services provided include:

  • Registration and Reporting Services to Fulfill Ethics Commission Reporting Requirements for Candidates, Political Action Committees, and Politically Engaged Entities
  • Compliance Planning and Analysis for Conducting Independent Expenditures and Electioneering Communications
  • Political Action Committee Contribution Planning and Compliance Reviews
  • Training and Education for Political Action Committees, Candidates, and Politically Engaged Entities
  • Formation Services for New Political Action Committees
  • Representation Before the Ethics Commission and Other Governmental Entities 
Geoffrey Long