Government + State Agency Administrative Law

State agencies control a broad spectrum of regulation and legal authority in Oklahoma. State agencies license professionals and businesses, regulate business activities in many industries, and manage a multitude of other governmental functions from collecting taxes to reviewing building plans. The administrative procedures at state agencies can be confusing and difficult to navigate. The Law Office of Geoffrey D. Long can help you protect your interests before Oklahoma state agencies through experience cultivated from many years working inside state government. 

Some of the valuable services offered include:

  • Representing individuals and businesses with licensing issues before state agencies

  • Understanding, analyzing, and negotiating regulatory issues with state agencies

  • Requesting official opinions and interpretations from state agencies

  • Counseling on compliance with state agency regulations and administrative rules

  • Open Meeting Act and Open Records Act advisory

  • Analysis and tracking of changes to administrative agency rules

  • Developing requests for administrative rule changes at state agencies

  • Preparing and delivering written comments and testimony to proposed state agency administrative rule and regulatory changes

Geoffrey Long