Legislative Procedure + Public Policy

You don't have to accept the law as it is today. There are many avenues for seeking changes in state law and state regulations. If you are seeking changes in the law or are concerned about potential changes to laws or regulations, contact The Law Office of Geoffrey D. Long.

Some of the valuable services provided include:

  • Drafting Legislation, Rules, and Regulations

  • Drafting Amendments to Legislation

  • Analyzing and Tracking Legislation

  • Understanding and Navigating the Legislative Process

  • Providing Testimony and Briefs for Legislative Hearings

  • Strategy Development for Proposing Law Changes

  • Navigating Administrative Rule and Regulation Changes at State Agencies

  • Drafting Requests for Attorney General's Opinions and Interpretations from Other State Agencies

  • Drafting Position Briefs and Letters for Interpretations from State Agencies

Geoffrey Long